Comparison and contrast arranged love marriages

Although many of us still might think that arranged marriages were of the past, there are still several cultures and countries where arranged marriages still exist, today.

Comparison and contrast arranged love marriages

The custom still occurs due to tradition in rural cultures as well as in aristocratic families.

Comparison and contrast arranged love marriages

Usually the parents accept the duty of discerning who would be the best match for their child. Although both arranged and love marriages are acceptable in many cultures, they have very different characteristics, outcomes and emotional affects on individuals. They also differ in how they are used, where they are used and who would be interested in using them.

For starters an arranged marriage is sometimes done for reasons such as culture, money, bloodlines, vocation, reputation, convenience and ability to find a mate resulting in never being alone.

Love marriages are the ones where two people fall in love and decide they want to share that love for the rest of their life, in a committed and long marriage. An arranged marriage can always find love, but it usually doesn't start with love. An arranged marriage can come with knowing you will not be alone, making those happy who wanted the marriage and in some cases it is the only way for a person to keep their wealth.

Is It Real Love?

Difference Between Love and 'Arranged Marriages' | Difference Between

When you are with someone for so long, a sense of love, understanding and comfort tend to come along in the package. A love marriage although it may seem real, could possibly be a lust marriage or based on delusions, misunderstanding, lack of self-knowledge or misrepresentations.

How Long Does Each Last? A marriage always varies from person to person, but it has been shown that many arranged marriages stay together longer then love marriages. The reasons for this are a few, but one in particular is that an arranged marriage wasn't based on love in the first place.

They are usually done for a personal benefit or to keep a family happy. The thought of disappointing so many people creates a strong bond and will. So when things get tough or unbearable, those in a love marriage are generally able to escape via divorce.

Summary An arranged marriage is usually done with the consent of the partners involved. Love marriages are generally acts of love that one human being feels for another, wanting to spend their whole life together and committed to one another.

Comparison and contrast arranged love marriages

Love marriages are full of emotions and thoughts of a beautiful passionate future with their other half but this is no guarantee of success. An arranged marriage can be categorized as a love-less marriage in the beginning, but also with a strong feeling of care and respect.

Love may come after a period of time. Arranged marriages means getting to know their spouse better after the wedding, a love marriage has two people who already know and love one another.The world has been, and continues to, debate love marriage vs arranged marriage, whether love marriages are better than arranged ones or vice versa, and everyone has heard some sort of ‘love advice‘ for or against.

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Love Marriage. Marriage is an institution that is considered successful, if, it lasts lifelong. There are different customs and traditions that are followed in different societal set-ups. Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage, Two Sides Of The Same Coin; Marriages are made in heaven Wait, are they?

Come on, gone are the days when people relied on destiny and fate to choose their marriage partners. Certain countries and communities still believe in it, but then, each to his own.

Comparison and Contrast between Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage It is believed that matrimonies are made in Eden. It might be true while in world the twosomes who are married are either in love with one another or the matrimonies are finalized or arranged by their household members. Debate about whether love matrimony or arranged .

Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by individuals other than the couple themselves, particularly family members, such as the webkandii.coming on culture, a professional matchmaker may be used..

Arranged marriages have historically been prominent in many cultures. The practice remains common in many regions, notably South Asia, though in many.

Difference Between Love and 'Arranged Marriages' | Difference Between