Essay on student indiscipline-causes and remedies

Of late, student indiscipline has assumed alarming proportions. Almost every third day we read in the newspapers reports of the violent activities indulged in by students and of the destruction of national property caused by them.

Essay on student indiscipline-causes and remedies

In the Holy Scripture Cain exhibited some form of indiscipline when he out of envy murdered his brother Abel in their abode. We have heard of people engaging in indiscipline behaviour on daily basis.

Many of our students today especially those in our secondary school exhibit various forms of indiscipline in form of juvenile delinquency. This could be in the form of arson, murder and robbery etc. Africa is not an exception of this general increase in the young stars, negative attitude to constituted authority.

This rate of indiscipline tends to be on an increase despite the various measure taken by successive government most especially Nigeria, to curb the menace among our students so as to bring about a socially stable society.

We read our newspapers and hear from the electronic media of students in the country committing all forms of crimes raging from the violation of parental regulations to truancy, stealing, assault, robbery and other socially undesirable behaviours.

Available information shows that our students are most frequently implicated in the acts of indiscipline that in every five caught for Essay on student indiscipline-causes and remedies criminal offence; there are usually young stars. These offence ranges from drugs and robbery.

During the military rule, several measures were put in place to curb the trends, on its assumption to power on the 31st Decemberthe government of general Mohammuadu Buhari Rtd made it known that one of the causes of our problems in our country Nigeria was indiscipline and as such, the war against indiscipline WAI was introduced into all aspects of the life of the nation.

Essay on student indiscipline-causes and remedies

This was aimed at checking the various corrupt practices in our society. Despite all these commendable effort of our youth are still very much indiscipline. The Nigeria youth is yet to embrace the principles behind the war against indiscipline and corruption programme even when he is supposed to have great roles to play in the success of the programme.

There is often the saying that our youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but from what happens on a daily basis, one is forced to wonder if actually the youths are the future leader of tomorrow, if they could actually be entrusted with the leadership roles of the futures, people from various works of life have expressed concern.

Olusegun Obasanjo formal president and head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria lamented over the rate of indiscipline in the Nigeria society.

He pointed accusing fingers to most youths and adults noting that they suffering from what he called social, moral, political and economic indiscipline. Also formal head of state general Ibrahim Babaginda confirmed the obvious fact that the rate of indiscipline and crime among youths was growing fast.

The problems of indiscipline among students is fast becoming a canker worm that is eaten deeper and deeper in to the fabric of our society and thereby constituting a greater threaten to the stability of the nation.

Indiscipline of various types has eaten deep into the fabric of the social system, it is a problem that is increasing at a fast rate and needs prompt attention. We have come to notice that hardly any family exists without a child possessing one trait of indiscipline or the other.

It is either the child steals, is rude, not well mannered, runs away from classes, and or at time if the child is a female, it may be that she posses indulgent illiant sexual acts which may create great concerns for the parents.


It is also possible that the child is one way or the other drug addict. In whatever way it is viewed whether the child exhibits any of these features or many others, which are socially undesirable, such a child is certainly a problem to the family and the society at large.

It is as a result of this indiscipline that we now have secreted societies or secrete cults even in our primary and secondary schools. This is because the fate of any nation depends on the youths she breeds, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. To this end, we all stand to gain in no small measure of students refrain from indiscipline behaviours and become discipline.

This is due to the ever-increasing rate of indiscipline in these schools nationwide. There are many factors usually responsible for indiscipline of students in the society. This work therefore, aimed at determine the factors responsible for indiscipline in our secondary schools.

Does the parental influence and upbringing of the child contribute to the indiscipline of t he child?

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Does the society at large encourage indiscipline among students through its customs ways of life? School administrators, teachers, government and policy makers in their effort to put an end to the problem of students indiscipline specifically the out-come of this work would assist parents and society in monitoring the activities of their children through the results of this study, school heads, will discover what negative role they play and which in turn affect events that can lead to indiscipline in school.

They will then adjust their administrative loopholes and forge ahead for a well-disciplined schools system. Teachers are expected to know from this study how students indiscipline is being carried out around them and employ means of eradicating the trend. The study would also be useful to the government and policy makers in formulating policies that will ensure a disciplined and patriotic behaviour on the part of the students.Various socio-economic and cultural factors play a role in creating indiscipline in an organisation.

We wonder if you realise the fact that often indiscipline may arise because of poor management on your part. All over the world, whether it is Japan, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sudan or Indonesia, undisciplined behaviour on the part of students is becoming an everyday occurrence.

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Learn writing english essay leaving cert about albert einstein essay unified fields masters dissertation proposals keeley. Dec 26,  · The problem of student’s indiscipline is to be well attended to by parents, teachers/school administrators and all these involved in the upbringing of the students in the cou8ntry, if lasting solutions are to be found in it.

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Various socio-economic and cultural factors play a role in creating indiscipline in an organisation. We wonder if you realise the fact that often indiscipline may arise because of poor management on your part.