Major decisions made by financial manager

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Major decisions made by financial manager

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Investment Decision Capital Budgeting Decision: This decision relates to careful selection of assets in which funds will be invested by the firms. A firm has many options to invest their funds but firm has to select the most appropriate investment which will bring maximum benefit for the firm and deciding or selecting most appropriate proposal is investment decision.

The firm invests its funds in acquiring fixed assets as well as current assets. When decision regarding fixed assets is taken it is also called capital budgeting decision.

Cash Flow of the Project: Whenever a company is investing huge funds in an investment proposal it expects some regular amount of cash flow to meet day to day requirement.

The amount of cash flow an investment proposal will be able to generate must be assessed properly before investing in the proposal. The most important criteria to decide the investment proposal is rate of return it will be able to bring back for the company in the form of income for, e.

With every investment proposal, there is some degree of risk is also involved. The company must try to calculate the risk involved in every proposal and should prefer the investment proposal with moderate degree of risk only. Along with return, risk, cash flow there are various other criteria which help in selecting an investment proposal such as availability of labour, technologies, input, machinery, etc.

The finance manager must compare all the available alternatives very carefully and then only decide where to invest the most scarce resources of the firm, i. Investment decisions are considered very important decisions because of following reasons: Importance or Scope of Capital Budgeting Decision: Capital budgeting decisions can turn the fortune of a company.

The capital budgeting decisions are considered very important because of the following reasons: The capital budgeting decisions affect the long term growth of the company.

Major decisions made by financial manager

As funds invested in long term assets bring return in future and future prospects and growth of the company depends upon these decisions only. Large Amount of Funds Involved: Investment in long term projects or buying of fixed assets involves huge amount of funds and if wrong proposal is selected it may result in wastage of huge amount of funds that is why capital budgeting decisions are taken after considering various factors and planning.

The fixed capital decisions involve huge funds and also big risk because the return comes in long run and company has to bear the risk for a long period of time till the returns start coming.

Capital budgeting decisions cannot be reversed or changed overnight. As these decisions involve huge funds and heavy cost and going back or reversing the decision may result in heavy loss and wastage of funds.

So these decisions must be taken after careful planning and evaluation of all the effects of that decision because adverse consequences may be very heavy.

The second important decision which finance manager has to take is deciding source of finance. A company can raise finance from various sources such as by issue of shares, debentures or by taking loan and advances. Deciding how much to raise from which source is concern of financing decision.

Mainly sources of finance can be divided into two categories: While taking this decision the finance manager compares the advantages and disadvantages of different sources of finance. But finance manager prefers a mix of both types. Under financing decision finance manager fixes a ratio of owner fund and borrowed fund in the capital structure of the company.

Factors Affecting Financing Decisions: While taking financing decisions the finance manager keeps in mind the following factors: The cost of raising finance from various sources is different and finance managers always prefer the source with minimum cost. Finance manager compares the risk with the cost involved and prefers securities with moderate risk factor.Financial planning software, personal finance software, and investment software for consumers, investors, financial advisers and investment managers.

The3 main decisions which every finance manager has to take are as follows: 1. Investment decision. This decision relates to careful selection of Fixed and Current Assets in which funds will be invested by the firm.

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