P g final internship report

Executive Summary The mobile industry of Pakistan has seen phenomenal growth in recent years.

P g final internship report

Pinterest Gilbertson, 22, looked for an internship that would give her practical insight. I work in a team that manages risk for a wide variety of financial services providers — mainly banks. We help them minimise risk and comply with regulation.

EY has given me a lot of responsibility from the get-go. I studied A-levels in maths, physics, technology, art and design. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of art and design, but preferred problem solving in maths and physics classes. I wanted to study a more structured degree, so I choose economics and finance at the University of Manchester.

P g final internship report

I planned to do a postgraduate degree in finance, so wanted to work an internship to gain practical insight into the sector. Similar internships did not focus on the industry.

I had the opportunity to add value to client work instead of photocopying and making coffee like some interns do. To do well in your career, whether as an intern or a graduate, you should network and learn as much as you can from others at the firm. Never be afraid to ask for advice, as that is how you grow professionally.

The best part of my job is the opportunity to get involved with things outside of client work. Events like this embrace diversity in all its forms and teach us to be more mindful of the way we connect with others. The job can be demanding at times.

You need to work hard and aim to grow and develop every day. One of the benefits of being on this grad scheme is being part of a peer group. You have a cohort of graduates who are at the same stage of their career as you are, and are facing the same challenges. We are really close to each other, and regularly catch up with each other outside of work.

The collaborative culture is one of the reasons I like working at EY. Once I complete the graduate scheme, I hope to be promoted to senior consultant. Many unpaid internships are illegal, but the law is not always enforced. Graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds who took unpaid internships are 6 percentage points less likely to get a professional job than those who went straight into paid work.The determination of the final grade for an internship will be based on: the supervisor’s evaluation (40%), the student internship report (40%), and the student’s weekly journal (20%).

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P g final internship report

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P&G Internship Program for ABU August,