Write about my school bag

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Write about my school bag

For most of us, school has already started.

A Day In The Life Of A School Bag, Short Story | Write4Fun

This is why I today I decided to do a school edition and share with you what I carry every day in my school bag! I have had this Roxy school bag for two years now. I like the colorful tribal-like pattern that goes with basically any outfit and the pockets that allow me to have extra carrying space!

The straps are comfortable and the price was reasonable, so I am happy!

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I need my pencils, my colorful pens, my white-out, erasers and highlighters, and that, no matter what class I have that day.

If I want to take notes which I doI need to have something to write with! You never know when your teacher might surprise you with an exercise or a test that need to be handed in at the end of the class!

I write all my assignments and homework in there, but I also use it for personal matters such as work and blogging. I need to have it with me at all times; my life is literally in there! I do at least minutes of bus transportation every day, so having a book with me helps pass the time.

write about my school bag

I also like having my iPad at reach so I can check up my email and social media in between classes or during the break.

I have a playlist that I keep on repeat, but sometimes I will put my entire library on random and see what shows up! I also walk a little from my house to the bus stop and music makes the walking more interesting.

Note taking becomes easier and I have more energy throughout the class.

Prashanthi Ramachandran

What are your school bag essentials?Free Essays on My School Bag. Get help with your writing.


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My school bag was gifted to me by my best friend Aishwarya. This poem is a dedication to her for making my birthday a very special one by gifting the school bag.5/5(1).

write about my school bag

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A Day In The Life Of A School Bag Ganga Patabendige, Grade 7, St Margaret's School Short Story Short Story It was a typical school day and I was being packed with my heavy load. I was used to this procedure, after all I have had it done to me for all my life now and don’t mind too much.

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